• maggie seibert

A List of 26 Simple Things to Do When You Feel Like Crap

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

For the days when you wake up and are just like, "Nope."

1. Read Scripture

If you weren't looking for me to say this first, you've come to the wrong joint. God's Word is the only real way our minds can be renewed and the surest way we can have our attention drawn to a living hope. Don't knock it 'til ya try it!

2. Water Your Plants

Taking care of your plant babies is a special form of therapy. If you don't have any house plants, see #3.

3. Buy House Plants

Stop by Lowe's or your local plant shop to pick up some greenery. It'll bring life to your space and watching them grow will become something you longingly anticipate.

4. Drop By A Local Market

When COVID-19 barreled down on the States and Stay-At-Home Orders went in to motion, a local market near me became my truest friend. There's a unique feeling that overtakes when the smell of speciality candles inspire and farm fresh produce surrounds.

5. Make Some Homemade Freaking Guac

The day came when a friend taught me how easy it was to make homemade guacamole. Why had I never known this before? There are few things better than homemade guac with dipping companions of your choice. Invest in some ingredients and get to mashing. Add all the things. It's a fiesta.

6. Do Your Laundry

It probably needs to be done anyway.

7. Check Out A Local Coffee Shop

Changing up my scenery and enjoying a latte is one of my favorite pick-me-ups.

8. Make Your Bed

Why make your bed when you're just going to get back in it later? Because there is something oddly rewarding about folded sheets and neatly ordered throw pillows.

9. Play Your Favorite Playlist

Is there a new song or album you're excited about? Don't let the crappy crap of right now make you forget what it's like to throw your hands up and dance around, to worship Christ, or to make some tea to your favorite acoustic playlist.

10. Record A Running List Of What You're Grateful For

In the depths of struggling, when it turned a corner to start exhibiting signs of depression, I started carrying around a small Monet lined journal. I recorded bullet points of what I was thankful for. The smallest of small things. Sunshine. Good grace. Good morning texts. Not only was the act of writing those down therapeutic, but revisiting what I had written previously was a treasure.

11. Call and Text Your Friends

When you feel like crap, you likely also associate with loneliness and no one caring about you, just my guess, I've been there. Drop a line to a trusted friend. Tell them you're feeling down. Many times I've had loved ones cease what they were doing to pray for me and encourage me. It's harder for people to know you need help if you don't ask for it.

12. Stop At Starbucks For A Cake Pop

This has rarely let me down. Maybe grab two. They go fast.

13. Supermarket Flowers

I stan flower trucks and florists. I adore the entire experience. But sometimes you just gotta pick up some grocery store flowers when you're getting some chicken tenders and water cases.

14. Look Up At The Sky

Remember how tiny you are in comparison to the world. Remember Who made everything from nothing. When troubles upon troubles weigh you down, it's helpful to remember what life is legitimately about.

15. Go Over To Your Parents

Ever since moving out, when anxiety has hit me like a bus, I usually spend the night at my mom's. Sometimes we watch a movie, enjoy some snacks, and have great conversation. It's an exceptional getaway from reality.

16. Make A To Do List

Whatever you have to do that day, making a list and checking off action items may cause motivation to rise. It feels sweet to accomplish tasks.

17. Go To A Local Nature Park

There's a vast difference between going to a nearby community park and going to a nature park. Do a quick Google search before you set out. Having space, roaming animals, lush greenery, and well-loved trails at a nature park is abundantly more peaceful than families running rampid on the playground and traffic jams nearby.

18. Make Up With Whoever You're Upset At

How many times do we feel like crap because there's a rift in a relationship with someone we love? Seek peace. Speak truth. Extend an apology. Attempt to understand their point of view. Forgive.

19. Seek Professional Help

Maybe this is the moment where you need to look to someone else to help you grow and heal. If counseling hasn't worked in the past, which I hear time and again from others, try again. Having professional help you click with is important in different seasons.

20. Take A Shower

Taking a shower is like the official reset button of a crappy day.

21. Drink Some More Water

Super underrated. Highly effective.

22. Plan Something To Look Forward To

Hastily trekking through the motions leads to burn out. Ground Hog Day becomes mundane. Although God is working in the mundane, thank you Lord, it is special to have something to look forward to. Plan to make yourself a nice breakfast when you wake up tomorrow. Schedule a get together with a few friends. Purchase a new paperback read on an online outlet and await the shipping process.

23. Pray

Charles Spurgeon once said, "A prayerless soul is a Christless soul." Fix your heart, your mind, and your eyes on eternal things. If you don't know how to pray as you ought, don't freak or avoid it, go to God as a Father. He bends down to listen to His children.

24. Serve Someone Else

In a society where it's all about serving "me," which even facets of this post have identified with, it's so paramount to consider the needs of others. The Bible calls us to that anyway; to die to self and to serve others. There will be instances where you need filling up before you can pour out on others, but spending yourself and your resources on meeting the needs of someone else is a beautiful picture of what Christ did for us on the cross. Let's follow in His footsteps.

25. Get Out Of Your Head

I don't know about you, but an embarrassing amount of cases of me feeling down are due to imaginary scenarios I've made up in my head. The Bible is pretty clear about taking thoughts captive, fixing your mind on things above, and focusing on whatever is true, honorable, lovely, and worthy of praise. For help with this, look towards point #26.

26. The Freedom Of Self Forgetfulness

Last but not least, which I've slightly alluded to through the duration of this post, serving others and focusing on things outside of yourself are banked on ways to feel better. Check out this resource by Tim Keller that blew my mind on what it looks like to forget about yourself. It's so counter culture and worth perusing.

There are shallow points here. There are deep points here. There's a peculiar sensitivity in me when it comes to self care. I want to avoid every inclination of it. But taking care of your body is stewarding what you've been given to be a better light in the world. In the end, buying things will not satisfy the longing of your heart or alleviate the terror of your problems. Only Christ can do that. And He is so beautiful, glorious, and worthy to do so. I'm praying you would see that today. But God gives good gifts on earth, too. God is responsible for the joy that is a cake pop. And for that I thank Him.