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Ready to Have The Perfect Florida-Fall Day in St. Pete?

Because Floridians will take what they can get of the Fall season.

October. That's when it strikes. The envy rising up in my soul from every friend or influencer I follow posting all the ~ fall vibe ~ photos and activities enjoyed from their season-changing states while I bask in my Florida afternoon showers.

Not this year! While the Lord has surely been working on my semi-envious heart, I had the true treasure of finding Gallagher's Pumpkins & Christmas Trees from scoping out the Stuff To Do In Tampa Bay Instagram.

Gallagher's Pumpkins & Christmas Trees is the perfect place to catch some sweet family memories through photos and a superb place for gathering with your gal pals to score the perfect Insta-worthy shots. One thing that stood out to me about Gallagher's was the fact that the owners are all about you and your gang taking photos there. The sweet owner even encouraged it, tag us in your photos, she said as she kindly affirmed us on our way out.

You may have the same scarring I do in this social media age. Picture it with me. No pun intended. There is an amazing new place that is an aesthetic to-a-t. But when you show up, it's either too small and crowded to manage a cute photo op or it would be incredibly too awkward to post up a photoshoot right there. Fear not, my friend, because Gallagher's is the exact opposite. There are more than a handful of intentionally set up photo shoot areas, including the incredible pumpkin crate wall. Wow. When I saw this wall featured on Instagram, I knew that it was the bullet to the target!

In addition to this cutie pumpkin crate wall, there is an old farm truck with pumpkins in the bed and hay barrels to take a seat on, little hay barrel couches with cute autumnal blankets and throw pillows to match, a cute bench with corn stalks for a background, and more.

Another reason Gallagher's is something special is because it's a local, small, family-owned business. Duh! Who doesn't love supporting a lil' family? They've been owned and operated by the Gallagher family for thirty years.

If you're planning to have a legit photoshoot there, they ask you to make a reservation so we can all stay safe and abide by social-distancing guidelines. As far as COVID-19 goes, Gallagher's is a sweet and comfortable place to be. Being an outside farm, social-distancing was entirely possible and we did not have to wear masks.

Gallagher's is open seven days a week from 9 am to 9 pm. In addition to cute pumpkin pictures, they also have goats. Yup. Cute little goats. You can feed them for five dollars. And as if it couldn't get any better, you can also buy fresh pies there. Where are all my pie people at?

Lastly, folks, the outfit I wore made the trip even better. That may sound silly, but if you're wearing something you loathe, you feel it in your bones.

The perfect shirt for 2020 is my better together tee from Ashe Couture Boutique, also located in St. Pete! Simply put, yes I am making a statement. Scripture has been teaching me so much lately about the unity needed within the Church and as brothers and sisters. How needed is that in 2020? We are better together.

The skirt pairing was a secure and cozy choice and it's also from Ashe Couture Boutique! The pattern of the Billabong midi-skirt was a purchase with Fall in mind. I can't wait to wear it so many more ways this season.

Attempting to channel some western-indie-boho mood, I finished off the outfit with tan booties and a matching tan hat. Woohoo! Fall in Florida isn't dead!

If you're looking for the perfect way to make family memories this fall, move Gallagher's Pumpkins & Christmas Trees to the top of your list. You won't regret it. Wear something warm and cheery, put your smiles on, and enjoy all that Autumn has to offer, right in sunny St. Pete.

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