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The Made Worthy Campaign

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Being a voice for the voiceless and standing up for the vulnerable - who are in fact made in God's image.

Anti-trafficking has been heavy on my heart for months. With all the information available and the reality of how easily children and teens can become susceptible to vulnerability through technology or even familial relationships, the weight of this fear is valid. If this has been something you've been praying about, are caring for, and desirous to see a change in, I'm praying that the Made Worthy Campaign is a small opportunity for you to make an impact.

The rally cry of 2020 has been the value of human life, but we're watching from the sidelines the deterioration of it. There have been many months recently that I've lived terrified of all that was going on around me, and around us, and I began to fear the capabilities of the human heart.

We could all likely compile a list of things that have happened this year that have made us feel incapable of doing any good to help the brokenness of this world. You will be spared from the diatribe of my pen today, but in the midst of the chaos, debates, lives lost, and riots, I'd invite you to look at the worth of human life with me.

The Bible opens up with this beautiful story of creation. God's making all the things. Everything from nothing. By the power of His words. Then, He makes human. But making a human was different and Scripture speaks to the reality of what was up when God made man, He made us in His image.

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. Genesis 1:27

Humans, we, are created in God's image, called the imago Dei. We are an expression of the glory of God by being made unlike anything else He created.

Check that off your list of reasons to look at your life with purpose! God made you! You are an expression of His glory! Booyah.

Next, God loves us. He made all of us and loves us all. My pastor said it well when he wrote, "God loves all people in a benevolent or general sense, showing common kindness to all by gifting them life, breath, and a legitimate opportunity to trust in Jesus."

Inspired by God in Scripture itself speaks it even more clearly.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

Case in point, in God's kindness and common grace, we were made worthy of the life the Lord allotted to us.

Enter in the Made Worthy Campaign. This is me, a broken, often scared, twenty-three-year-old gal, looking out over the landscape of 2020 saying, it may be frightening, it may be too big a task, but we have to do something. Would you join me?

What? The Made Worthy Campaign is a t-shirt fundraiser to raise money for One More Child and their anti-trafficking efforts. I designed these Comfort Colors brand t-shirts, 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, displaying the phrase Made Worthy proudly. The Made Worthy Campaign will offer shirts in various colors and each shirt will cost $25! If you are unfamiliar with Comfort Colors, they are famous for their broken-in and faded look, aka it is already your favorite, well-loved t-shirt. Make a statement for the value of human life by rocking one of these t-shirts for a good cause.

Who? The proceeds from the Made Worthy Campaign will gladly be given to a Christian non-profit called One More Child. Their vision is to bring hope to hurting children, to show that the love of Jesus changes lives and to impact the life of One More Child. Their organization upholds ministries that include foster care, fighting against child hunger, help for single moms, anti-trafficking, and family support. One More Child also does global work. Friends of mine, Marni and Sophie, work for One More Child and I see first hand all the time their hearts for the organization and the work the Lord is doing through them.


Because children and teens are worthy of life.


There are as many as 10,500 underage youth involved in the sex trade in the United States each year (Center for Court Innovation, 2016) and countless more individuals being manipulated and sold painful lies.


Florida is home to the 3rd most reports of human trafficking of any state in the nation (National Human Trafficking Hotline, 2016)


Children make up an estimated 21 percent of trafficking victims worldwide (International Labour Organization, 2017)

Trafficking is going on around here, a heinous crime reveling in the abuse and mistreatment of those in its grip. The weight of this is too extreme to live under, how can I do anything good to help? Thank you Lord for the organizations that have already stepped up to fight for change, to make a difference, to be a voice for the voiceless.

One More Child has a team of compassionate experts who understand the emotional, physical and spiritual condition of victims and vulnerable persons. Within One More Child there are preventive measures, advocacy and awareness for the vulnerable and aftercare in the event a child or teen has been trafficked. They are a boots on the ground organization. They're doing the work. You and I have the opportunity to support them in this!

Please read more about One More Child's anti-trafficking efforts here.


The Made Worthy Campaign will launch and be available only for a limited time. The t-shirts will go live on the Bonfire website on October 3rd and will be available until October 17th. Look for the link to purchase on the Scouting Grace Instagram on and after October 3rd.


The Made Worthy Campaign will be available through Bonfire! Bonfire is the easiest way to fundraise, design shirts, and open an online store of products. Bonfire takes care of everything. Once you order a t-shirt and after the campaign ends, your Made Worthy shirt will be shipped straight from them to you. If you're curious about Bonfire, you can wander through their website if you'd like.

If you'd like to make a donation directly to One More Child, please please please do so! You can do that here.

Let's uplift, protect, and advocate for the imago Dei.

Ps. There's a little giveaway for a free Made Worthy Campaign shirt going down on Scouting Grace on Instagram! Giveaway will end October 2nd :)

Proceeds from the Made Worthy Campaign will benefit:


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