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5 Just Because Gifts for Your Anxious Friend

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

One time my boyfriend sent me a candle and it made me cry. This list is important.

Once upon a time I was having a hard week of grief. I knew I had some Redbubble stickers waiting for me in my apartment mailbox, but I bypassed them, knowing that delayed gratification would suit me much better in the moment due to my level of distress. The sticker mail would make me giddy momentarily, but in the end the grief would take over. I'd try again tomorrow.

Carrying myself up the complex stairs to #207, tears welled up in my eyes, quick. Ben had sent me a candle he ordered from Bath and Body Works less than 24 hours earlier. The candle meant so much more than my laptop stickers and it was a complete surprise from my favorite person. Yes. I. Am. A. Sap.

Whether your anxious loved one identifies with the Love Language of Gift Giving or not, it feels incredibly special to receive just because gifts. Just because someone loves you. Just because someone misses you. Just because someone desires to lift some of the heaviness of the world off your shoulders for a few moments and show they care.

The following list is for the moms, dads, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, boyfriends, and goldfishes out there desiring to gift a sweet just because gift to their disquieted friend.

1. Twenty Seven - Things That Help With Anxiety Print

To check out this print, click here.

The linked print above has been on my wish list for what feels like eons. Twenty Seven is a small business based in Lakeland, Florida. The shop owner, Jenna, is a huge purveyor of mental health, sunshine, and the color yellow. From stationary, tea, fun bath supplies, and more, Twenty Seven knows full well what can give a pick-me-up to the anxious soul. Check out Twenty Seven for a company that understands the depth of mental illness with sincerity and works hard to create sunny spaces. It's sure to cheer up your loved one.

2. The Daily Grace Co. - The Gospel Changes Everything Cafe Mug

To check out this mug, click here.

Mugs. are. my. best. friend. Yes. My cabinet is bursting at the seams with them, but there are quite literally never enough. If your loved one savors tea or coffee, having another mug on hand is no biggie, and the perfect mug is a sure-fire way to brighten their day.

The Daily Grace Co. is an amazing brand working to equip women to know and love God's Word. If your loved one enjoys Gospel-centered studies, jewelry, mugs, Scripture memory cards, journals, and all the things, The Daily Grace Co. is for them! Take a look around their online shop and their ministry as a whole to see how you could bring some of God's love and His precious promises into your gals life.

3. Posies Flower Truck Deliveries

To check out Posies delivery services, click here.

“I must have flowers, always, and always.” Claude Monet

Sending flowers is a sweet and simple way to send joy. Posies Flower Truck is a small business operating around the Tampa Bay area wheeling sunshine in the cutest VW Van. The owner, Stephanie, is so personable and radiant, and she has multiple options for flower deliveries. Anxiety surely isn't the most desirous tool in my tool box, but I must admit, when I'm cooped up in the apartment or having a rough day, seeing beautiful blooms in a vase on the table is a tried and true reminder that there is so much to be thankful for and goodness is all around.

If a local flower truck or superb florist isn't an option for you, check out Farmgirl Flowers. Insert all the heart eyes here.

4. Anything and Anything at All From Sugarboo and Co.

To check out all things from the dealers in whimsy, click here.

Is your friend who tends toward anxious behavior a Words of Affirmation gal? Are they constantly desiring to be assured of your favor with them? Hm. Never met someone like this. Lol. If so, Sugarboo & Co. is for you and them. From journals, quote cards, coffee mugs, prints, totes, and so much more, Sugarboo & Co. has something with dreamy words on it that will comfort the heart of your loved one. You can see a few of my favorite purchases from this beloved brand here, here, and here.

5. Darling Magazine - Here for a Purpose Decal

To check out this decal, click here.

Want to encourage your friend for three dollars?! Darling Magazine has you covered. Darling is a magazine that challenges cultural "ideals" of beauty and questions its exaggerated importance. Aka, they build up the gal squad. This three dollar decal, when put in the proper place inside the home, will encourage your loved one and remind them consistently that they are here for a purpose.

In all honesty, it felt a tad bit strange curating this list. The act felt as if I was writing a Christmas list to Santa Clause or expecting those around me to shower me in meaningful trinkets. My heart for this post does not lie there, though. The hope behind this post is that someone, in love for someone else, wanting to encourage them, would pick a small token of appreciation from this list to send their way as a reminder to them to keep going. Candles, puppies, cake pops, and cozy blankets are also welcome. Thank you for loving your people well. I see ya.


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