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It’s True, Guys Are Hard to Shop For: A Gift Guide to a Guy's Christmas

Gift ideas for guys, from guys.

Dads? Hardest people to shop for. Ever. I'm twenty-four-years-old. My parents have been together since I was in second grade. That's a lot of Christmas's to try to think of a gift for this dude. He loves the Chicago Cubs. His arms are covered in tattoos sporting his love for the team. He has Lovable Loser everything. We're at the point where we've bought him a toaster that burns that Chicago emblem into the bread. We need some more ideas.

If that's you today, too, and you're scratching your chin trying to come up with a gift for your dad, your brother, your boyfriend, your husband's dad, your grandpa, your mailman, I'm here for you today. Real gift opinions, from guys, for guys. Let's do this thing!

1. Have you ever heard of a Whoop? This thing is crazy. In layman's terms, the Whoop is this fitness band that Ben wears 24/7 and it's connected to an app on his phone. More than an Apple Watch and more than a Fitbit, the Whoop tracks everything Ben does. From his heart rate, to the disturbances in his sleep, how much REM sleep he gets, how many calories he has burned, his strain, and more, it truly tells him so much about his recovery and training. He loves looking at it so I'm happy he found something that meets his needs. If you have a sporty guy in your life, check out the Whoop here.

2. lululemon shorts are Ben's fav. They're such super good quality and comfy. lululemon comes with steep prices but they have a collection called "We Made Too Much" and it features goodies on discount. You can check out lulu's shorts here.

3. Black coffee for the win. Not for me by golly, but for Ben, and honestly so many dudes in my life. A cold brew maker could make a great gift for the guy who stops at Starbies for cold brew a few times a week. Give a man a cold brew and he'll drink for a day but teach a man to cold brew and he'll cold brew for a lifetime, right? Wired.com voted this Primula Burke cold brew maker numero uno.

4. When asking Benny about guys gifts, he said anything Yeti. That seemed to ring true around my immediate fam as well. Yeti coolers, Yeti water bottles, Yeti traveling cups oh my! Seems like a steal to me. It's the the guys version of the trendy Hydroflask. Browse all things Yeti here.

5. From a gals point of view, my favorite style choice as of late for the guys are the Canvas Sk8-Hi Tapered Vans. They look so good with jeans rolled up a bit and a graphic shirt. Maybe your guy is a sneaker head? I know mine is. Even my brother, who isn't the biggest style guy, loves a good pair of Vans.

6. A practical gift for anyone is a pair of Blue Light Blockers. If your person spends hours on the computer for work or is concerned about health, wellness, and getting good sleep, a pair of glasses to protect them whilst screen-timing may be beneficial. There are super cute pairs for the gals, but since this post is dedicated to the dudes, you can check out some Blue Light Blockers here.

7. There is no cute way to say the guy in your life probs needs some soap. Everyone needs soap. We work. We sweat. We smell. We shower. There's no way around it. Harry's Bar Soap is maybe the stocking stuffer you were looking for. You can even pick it up when you're browsing at Target. Check it out right here.

8. My worst habit is probably the care I have for my car. It's embarrassing but cleaning it out doesn't rank high on my to-do list and my money also isn't prioritized around getting it detailed. Isn't it dang expensive? But Ben! Ben is so good at keeping his truck cleaned (and again, so are the other guys in my life? Maybe it's in the guy DNA.) WeatherTech All-Weather Floor Mats could be a great gift for your guy if he's car caring. Check em' out here.

And that's the way the cookie crumbles friend. Other gift ideas not linked but worthy of mention would be a fine smelling cologne, beard care kits if he is a part of that lumberjack life, his favorite coffee, or garb to rep his favorite sport team.

If you're a sentimental gal who cries every time she watches the Notebook, first, same, second, here are a few memorable gift ideas you can make or purchase as well.

1. Grab a deck of playing cards. The deck comes with 52 cards. Cut out little paper squares to glue to the center of each card. You can get fancy with the paper you choose. Now you have the chance to tell your guy 52 reasons why you love him. How cute.

2. Are you long distance? Or does your guy have a business trip coming up? This will work perfect for those married couples *insert crying emoji here.* Count out the number of days your man will be gone. Add that number of Hershey Kisses to a jar. Post a cutie note on the outside of the jar that says "Kisses until you come home." Every day he can grab a kiss from the jar and it's a fun way to measure the time until you are reunited.

3. A leather keychain is a good gift for a son, a boyfriend, dad, or husband. Sites like Etsy have options where you can have the keychain customized. Then you can add a meaningful quote or Bible verse that means a lot to you both. I got Ben one last Christmas with some song lyrics that are significant to our relationship. Check out this leather keychain.

The practicality. The mush. It's all in this gift guide. I hope this little list encouraged you to think differently about gifts or helped you find the ideal gift for your guy! Praying over the Scouting Grace community that this Christmas season is one of rest and renewed adoration of the Savior who not only willingly came to be born as a human baby, die, and rise again, but who is also willing to be with us today, comfort us today, forgive us today, teach us today.

Merry Christmas, friends.


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